Saturday, October 15, 2011

kids say the darndest things part I

Bill Cosby was right.

Kids really do say the darndest things.  I always knew this was true to an extent, but due to my recent increase in time around children I am now a full-on believer.  Here are some of my favorite things I've heard from 7th graders and 4-6 year olds in the past few weeks...

Ballet Teacher that I assist on Saturday mornings: Girls, it is very important for you to listen to me or Miss Jamie when we are giving corrections.  When you're waiting for your turn to go across the floor, how should you be acting?
5 year old Ballerina: Patient!
A different 5 year old Ballerina: Nice!
Another 5 year old Ballerina: Quiet!
Ballet Teacher: Yes, very good!  You need to be quiet.  And why do we need to be quiet?  So we can hear who?
5 year old Ballerina: (whispering) God?

**This question came to me while my 7th graders were learning about persuasion.  They were making their own commercials about a product of their choosing.  This particular partnership chose to sell Wiz Khalifa's new CD.**
7th Grader: Miss, can you tell me if this sounds good or not?"
Me: Sure, let's hear it.
7th Grader: You should buy Wiz Khalifa's new CD...everyone else is!  His CD has some great music.  It's not the best thing you've ever heard, but it's still really good.
**Good to know that the future of American advertising will be rooted in honesty...**

Dance Teacher that I assist on Mondays: Girls!  Y'all need to stop acting up, and pay attention.  If you don't get it together I am going to start sending you down to the office.
6 year old Dancer: What's the office?
Dance Teacher: It's like the principal's office at school.  If I send you down there they will call your mom.
6 year old Dancer #2: Oooohhhh.  I've never been to the principal's office.
6 year old Dancer #3: Me neither!  My sister has to go allllll the time though.

**This also happened in my 7th grade class during the persuasion unit.  Two students were in the middle of making a print ad in hopes of selling their product: a briefcase.  I noticed a spelling error, and encouraged them to correct it.**
Me: Hey guys y'all might want to look up "briefcase" in the dictionary...I think you have a spelling mistake. (They spelled it "breifcase instead of "briefcase")
7th Grader: (walking back up to me after about 3 minutes, no sign of a dictionary anywhere) Um, Ms. Chandler I just looked up briefcase, and you were mistaken...we spelled it right on our poster.
**I just smiled and told them to make sure they double checked their work**

Oh, and as always, a picture is worth 1,000 words:

Working with kids might be stressful sometimes, but I can never complain about having a boring job!

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