Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Happy October!!  It’s starting to get colder up here in Dally bar, and things are definitely getting spooky.  Last night around 8:23 the power went out at Carrabba’s.  At first I was annoyed because I wasn’t going to get in my full shift, but then the cooks called all of the staff over to the kitchen to make sure the food didn’t “go bad”.  JACKPOT!  You better believe I loaded up, baby!  Our refrigerator is currently packed to the gills with lasagna, garlic mashed potatoes, and soup galore.  Plus, I got to go home an hour early…just in time to catch the Dr. Drew Checkup edition of Teen Mom.  So, I would like to give a shout-out to whatever power company dropped the ball, leading to the great Carrabba’s power outage of ’11.

October is a fun month.  It’s cool, but not too cold.  Austin and I carve pumpkins and give them human names.  
Benjamin the Monster

Sally the Spider

I get to start wearing boots and scarves and all kinds of fun, wintery things.  It’s anniversary month!! (Two years of dating my main squeeze on the 14th)  And, of course, HALLOWEEN!  Costumes, candy, tricks, treats.  I love it.  2009 was Austin and my first Halloween together.  However, we had only been dating about 2 weeks when the big holiday hit, so we figured a couple’s costume might be a little much.  This was the year of the picnic and the dinosaur.  I donned a plastic tablecloth with fake food hot glued to me, and Austin teamed up with his pal, Zac, and went as double dinosaurs.  It was a sight. 

Last year, Austin and I dressed up as Mario and Princess Peach.  Our friends joined in on the fun and suited up as the rest of the SuperMario World cast.  We braved the bars in College Station, which have a reputation of being ridiculously crowed on Allhallows Eve, and everyone loved our group dress-up idea.

This year Austin and I are trying to think up a couple’s costume that isn’t too cheesy, too expensive to create, or too ridiculous.  Here are some of our ideas so far:

-Boy scout and Girl scout (Austin told me he wasn’t interested in this one, but I think it’s cute)
-Bumblebees (Austin informed me that we are not four)
-Doug Funny and Patty Mayonnaise (I think we’re leaning toward this one, but I am having doubts about how I’ll look in a blonde wig)  
-Dinosaurs (I’m worried that Zac might get his feelings hurt if I take over his role as “girl dinosaur” though, and Austin says he would be embarrassed to have a repeat costume)
-Ring leader and lion (I would be the ring leader, and Austin would work the mane)
-Fireman and Dalmatian (Austin’s the puppy, I would be fighting fires)

That’s just a start.  We are open to ideas and suggestions!  I hope everyone is having a great beginning of Rocktoberrrr J    

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