Sunday, October 30, 2011

our trip to the fair

Last weekend Austin and I went to the state fair with another one of our couple friends.

Last year was the first time that I'd ever been to the fair, and I ended up having mixed emotions.  I really really loved all the stuff there (fried food, corn dogs, rides, funnel cakes, games, corn dogs, shows, turkey legs, the HUGE ferris wheel, fried snickers, corn dogs, corn dogs...), but it seemed like in order to actually do anything you had to cough up some major mulah.     

That's why Austin and I made it our mission to find anything and everything for free.  Might we recommend "Amazing Dobermans", "The Midway Barker", and test driving the newest Chevy cars.

So, this year we were ready.  We knew where the best freebies could be found, and we were on a mission.  But then it took us like 2 hours to actually get there thanks to the Dallas Dart rail, so we stayed for about 2 hours and then left so I could go to work.  Bummer.

We still had fun though.  We purchased some fried food, ate corn dogs, and walked around to see the sights. 

Even though we weren't there for long it was still a successful trip in my book.  I'll be honest: I'm just in it for the food :)  

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