Sunday, October 2, 2011

busy bee

M.I.A.  Missing. In. Action.

That's my middle name lately because I am always gone! That's why I haven't posted in awhile, but I promise I'm still alive!  I thought you guys might want to know what a week in the life of Jamie Lynn Chan Chan has been these days, so here's goes...

Monday: I pop open my sleepy little eyeballs around 6:11 and proceed to get ready for my week of teaching the 7th graders.  Once I look a little more like a teacher and not so much like a student I hop into BEVY (the xterra) and drive my booty to Allen, TX, home of the most wonderful outlet mall in the world.  After I get to school, I watch my cooperating teacher give the lesson to first period, and then I take over for 2nd through 7th period.  During 4th period we get to go to cheerleading where my blood pressure skyrockets every time the girls go into their stunts, and during 6th period we get a break from the kiddies!  After school I head on over to the dance studio and teach precious 5-6 year olds how to do ballet, tap, jazz, and tumble.  After dance, I truck it to Stan's...
(the bar that sponsors Austin's softball team), and then go play "team mom" as I sit in the stands while the big league chewbaccas do their thang.  After the game, the team eats their snacks, and then I go home to go to sleep!  The past few weeks I have made things like snickerdoodles and mini-hamburger cookies.  Yum!

How cute are these?! (they're made using vanilla wafers, thin mints, and icing)
Tuesday: The morning routine/school thing is the same as Monday.  When school is over, I come home and get started on dinner.  Austin finishes and/or heats up dinner when he gets home because from 6-10 I can be found holding down the hostess fort at Carrabba's.  

Wednesday: Just a repeat of Tuesday.  It's all very glamorous and exciting.  Wednesdays are great because the best show on TV comes on--DANCE MOMS!  I cannot get enough.  I like tag teaming dinner with Austin.  Lately we've been having things like:
Lettuce Wraps with Fruit Salad (these seriously tasted like Pei Wei's)
Linguine with shrimpes and veggies and garlic bread
Mexican Lasagna (layers of chips, beans, cheese, taco meat, green onions, tomatoes, and olives...yes please!
Thursday: Schoolio in the morning, and then from 4:30-5:30 I go to the dance studio to teach a 9 year old cheer class.  The girls in this class are nutzo...they crack me up!  But, I have the same blood pressure issue that occurs during school cheerleading every day.  Why can't cheerleaders just stay on the ground?!

Friday: Yay for the weekend!  School in the AM, and then Carrabba's plus whatever shenanigans Austin and I get into come the noche.

Saturday: I teach precious dancers in the morning, have a fun-filled afternoon doing goofy things with Austin, and then cap my night off with my buddies at Carrabba's.  Here's an example of one precious little ballerina that I get to see every Saturday morning:

Last weekend Austin and I headed to Houston for a wedding.  On Friday night we had the rehearsal dinner.  We ate fajitas, people sang karaoke, and Austin joined a mariachi band.  

Oh, and there was also free ice cream.
Hehe prankster on the loose
The wedding was the next day, and it was so pretty!  Here's me with my date, the groomsman:

Sunday: Church.  Carrabba's.  Grocery shopping and preparations for the upcoming week.  Oh, and football.  Lots and lots of football...

What the heck is wrong with the Aggies?  This weekend they played in Dallas, and I'm so glad I didn't waste my monies on a ticket.  We went to midnight yell to show our support, but obviously that didn't really help :(

Midnight Yell at the Ft. Work Stockyards
And painting the town red afterwards!
Whew!  It's a crazy life, but you know I wouldn't have it any other way!  Staying so busy keeps me out of trouble, ya know? :)

I'm gearing up for another one at the moment, so I gots to go...hope everyone has a wonderful week!


  1. Jam Jam! You are turning into quite the little cook! I am so proud of you! Can you send me the recipe for the mexican lasagna?

  2. Yeah absolutely! Expect an email tonight!