Wednesday, October 12, 2011

a wednesday book review

I have a confession.

Actually, it's not a confession because most people know this about me, but here goes: I hate to read.  I think it's boring, and I usually fall asleep.  When my dad used to read to me at night before bed I made up movies in my head instead of paying attention.  I used to laugh when my sister put books on her letter to Santa.  I could probably count the number of "assigned reading" books that I actually read in high school and college on one hand.  That's what sparknotes are for people!  I guess I just never liked the idea of my teacher telling me, "you have to read this, and then do all sorts of assignments about it because the state of Texas says it's important and so do I".  Not the best motivation.

However, I figured that since I'm a fancy English (student) teacher now it's probably in my best interest to start reading.  How can I tell the kids how important it is to read when I don't even like to read myself?  So, off to the library I went.  I checked out this book, and a week later I was hooked on reading:

Why can't we read books like THIS in school??  A Northern Light has all of my favorite things rolled into one wonderful package.  It's a love story, wrapped in a murder mystery, with a dash of down on the farm family fun, and a sprinkle of historical fiction.  I would highly recommend it.  If a book can keep me entertained and actually make me WANT to read, then you know it's a good one.  

After reading this, I think I've officially caught the reading bug.  Heck, I may just ask for a Kindle for Christmas.  Well, let's not get carried away.  I'm warming up to the idea of reading, but I don't know that I'm ready to give up my usual clothes and movies for literature quite yet.

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