Wednesday, January 23, 2013

an eventful weekend

This past weekend was really great!  Friday was pretty low key, so we did it up right on Saturday and Sunday. 

We did something a little different on Saturday afternoon/evening.  Our friend Zac found tickets to this thing called "Mystery Science Theater", so we went with him.  One of my favorite things about Zac is that I am constantly surprised by things that he is interested in.  One day he will want to learn to play the keyboard and the next he'll get a coo-coo clock tattooed on his arm.  Mystery Science Theater is just another example of his lovable randomness. 

The whole premise of this thing is pretty complex, but here's the jist: a guy and his two robot friends sit with you in a movie theatre and make funny comments during an old horror movie.  Austin and I were a little skeptical about this whole thing, but it ended up being really funny!  It was also a very cool experience because the movie theatre we went to was actually the place where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested after he shot JFK.  That's a big chunk of history right there!

After the show, we headed out for some food.  We settled on a little bar on lower Greenville (that's a street in Dallas), and I had the pulled pork with sweet potato fries.  Yum Yum!

Sunday was also full of adventure!  We started the day off with lunch at a place called Union Bear.  I had the chicken salad sandwich.  Delish.  It was a GORGEOUS day outside.  We actually sat on the patio!  In January!  I loved it.

After lunch was all gobbled up, we went on a brewery tour!  For whatever reason, it's becoming quite the trend in Dallas to open a brewery.  We're definitley not complaining because these tours cost about $10-$15 each and they usually come with (at least) 3 free beers, a glass, and weekend entertainment.
Austin, Zac, & Ashley

Me with my man


I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!!  It's already humpday, so we are steadily approaching another one :)


  1. Mystery Science Theater 3000 was a tv show! They used to play it on Comedy Central. I would watch it very confusedly while my older brother cracked up. Once I got a little older I could see the humor and not just weirdness of it. How neat that they do a live version of it now! And in that theater! I'm obsessed with all things JFK right now, so I'm very jealous. Looks like a fantabulous weekend!*

    1. Ok, I guess I didn't explain that very well. They basically just showed us one of the old videos on the big movie screen, and one of the original cast members was there and gave a little presentation at the end. It would be awesome if they really did it live!

  2. that was a great picture we took.

    1. Haha you're the one who made that face!