Friday, January 25, 2013

face in hole

 Last week I discovered something. 

I was looking for an app, or website, or something of the sort where I could stick my face in a "wanted" poster.  I bet you can't guess which post that was for :)  During my journey, I stumbled across an app called "face in hole".  Basically, this app has a ton of different pictures, and you can stick your face in the face of the picture.  

They have a ton of great categories.  One of my favorites is "animals":
Stephen the polar bear, Zac the doggie, & Jamie the hedgehog
Another great one is "babies":

Baby Jamie, Santa Baby Zac, Gabey Baby, & Alan the Calf
Once I found this little gem, my day was pretty much wasted spent creating masterpiece after masterpiece.  I texted my friends requesting "funny faces", snuck up on people, and stalked facebook looking for the perfect face to fit the holes.
I thought I'd share some of my favorites here...

Watch out for me on the 2016 USA Gymnastics team

Monkey Gabey!

Little pup

Big pup

The Good, The Bad, and The Josh

I'm marrying The Sexiest Man Alive!!

Happy Friday, guys!  Have a FABULOUS weekend!!

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