Saturday, January 5, 2013

the cotton bowl

I don't know if you guys have heard or not, but A&M played kicked some OU booty in a little football game last night.  

The Cotton Bowl!  I don't know a lot about football, but I do know that OU is a really good team, and A&M beat them yesterday!  WHOOP!  The game was right next door to us in Arlington, but the tickets were mucho dinero, so some of my friends and I went to plan B.

My friend Ashley works at this really cool office that has a great room to host any sort of "watch party", so that's what we did.  We all met there before the game, munched on some pizza for dinner, and had a ball.  I spent yesterday afternoon making some snacks for the big game...  

Mexican 7-Layer Dip
Snickers Cupcakes on top, stages of caramel sauce below
That dip with some Tostitos Scoops is hard to beat.  I'm pretty sure people have been making it for like 50 years, but it never gets old (at least it doesn't to me).  In case you don't know how to make it, just google "7-layer dip" and about 1,700 recipes will pop up.

A Snickers cupcake, on the other hand, is something that is fairly new to me.  My sister gave me the recipe, and I've made them twice.  I won't lie...they're a bit time consuming, but they are realllllly good.  In my opinion, the best part of these is the caramel sauce.  It's cool to see how the sauce comes together (it's basically just burnt sugar and butter), and it's really cool to taste it.  Yummm!  

Here is the link to the cupcakes: Cakes

Here is the link to the frosting: Frosting

Both of those are crowd pleasers!

Austin and I were some of the first people to arrive yesterday, so I got some good pics of the space!

This was where the majority of the action took place:

To the left of this room was an amazing terrace with a view of downtown Dallas!

Austin and me before the game!
The view!
 The view was especially neat because we could see the "ball" flashing the block "ATM" and "OU" the whole night (can you spy the ball in the picture above?  It's towards the left and is maroon!)  Once the game was over, the ball only showed the block "ATM" :)

We had so much fun watching the game and just hanging out.  It definitely would have been cool to be at Jerry World to see everything live, but it was also a blast to be in a room full of Aggies watching it all go down!
The girlies
Johnny Football going in for a touchdown!!
 We were obviously very excited during the second half of the game (if you watched, you know the first half was a liiiiittle nerve wracking).  We always support the Aggies whether they win or lose, but it sure is nice when they win!

Go Johnny Go!
 Once the game was over (41-13 was the final score), we sawed 'em off...

Gotta love Aggies and our crazy traditions!
It was a great night!!!


  1. Snickers cupcake recipe! Huzzah! Best part about it: I can use a cake mix - too easy! I'm going to wait a few weeks to make them (my husband has to be below a certain weight and his waist needs to be within a certain size - crazy right?!), but after that, I'm totally spoiling him with these. Thanks!*

    1. Wow...I'm glad teachers don't have to be a certain weight and size! Let me know how the cupcakes turn out! They are the perfect treat for any guy, in my opinion :)