Friday, January 11, 2013

current wants

Welp, Christmas is officially over.  All of the gifts have been put away, our tree is down, and I've been back in school for a whole week.  This means a couple of things.  1) I am back to actually putting on pants every day.  2) I have started a countdown to Spring Break. 3) My birthday is near!

It's always been fun to have a birthday right after Christmas.  That way, when people ask what to get me, I can ask for anything that I did not receive from Santa! 

My parents and Austin asked me yesterday to send them a list of items I want/need for my birthday.  I thought I'd share that list here in case you're nosey like me and enjoy seeing what other people crave.

1) An iPad Mini (White, 16 GB)

I have been wanting an e-reader for awhile, so I figured I would just go big or go home.  Actually, in this case, I guess I'm going "mini" or going home...

2) Kitchenaid Ice Cream Maker Attachment

I've got the mixer, so now I need all the stuff to make me fat :)  Seriously though, my sister has this attachment, and it makes awesome ice cream!

3) Toms

I think Toms are a teacher's best friend.  They are cute, comfortable, and they help people!  I wear my Toms to school all the time, so I can always use another pair.  I like these grey polkas, but I'm also down with these in "Olive" and "Purple Corduroy". 

4) Books

There are a couple of books I've had my eyeballs on for a little bit.  Going from left to right, we've got:

-White Jacket Required by Jenna Weber
-What I Learned Half Naked: Tales of a Pro Cheerleader by Leslie Shaw Hatchard (<--I work with Leslie at the dance studio, and I can't wait to read her book!!!)
-Joy the Baker Cookbook by Joy Wilson

5) Kitchen Gadgets

A girl's always gotta have new stuff for her kitchen, right?  These are four things I'm wanting right now:

-(Top Left) Oxo Mandoline
-(Top Right) Oxo Dough Blender
-(Bottom Left) Oxo Pastry Brush
-(Bottom Right) Oxo Strainer

Can you tell what my favorite brand of kitchen tools is?

If you're looking for a good gift for a soon to be 24 year old, this post is a good start!  I hope everyone has a happy happy weekend!!

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